CBD For Pets – How Our Furry Friends Can Benefit

If you are a pet owner, then one of the last things you want is to you see your feline friend ill. When something is off with your pet, it can be a difficult time for you. Ailments and trips to the vet may cause you even more stress. You will start worrying not only about your cat’s health but also about the safety of the medication he is receiving. If you don’t want to have to worry that much, you should consider safe and effective remedies like CBD (cannabidiol) oils.

You might be aware of CBD oil by now, but if not, we are here to enlighten you. CBD oil has been beneficial to human beings for its healing abilities. From treating conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and cancer to easing pain and anxiety.

As an alternative treatment, CBD has made a lot of progress in holistic health. It did not take long for scientists and researchers to realize that CBD can also be administered to household pets as well especially, cats and dogs.

If you are unsure of using CBD on your companion friend, rest assured that this miracle oil, can improve your kitty’s well-being. It can also prevent a wide array of diseases that might affect him or her later in life.

What is CBD (Cannabinol) oil for cats?

CBD oil for cats is a liquid that is extracted from cannabis and hemp plants. CBD is one of the 80 plus cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. It differs from the plants psychoactive compound Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is famous for getting users ‘high’.

CBD oil, being natural and non- toxic, is a go-to cure for treating illnesses among pets. Holistic veterinarians encourage its use since it subjectively increases comfort and improves the quality of life in pets.

Understanding how CBD oil works

All mammals have an endocannabinoid system (ECS), and your cat is no exception. Your body and your cat’s body have a set of cannabinoid receptors known as CB1and CB2. The CB1 receptors are located in the central nervous system, while CB2 is situated in most peripheral tissues.

These endocannabinoids have the same characteristics as cannabis-derived cannabinoids hence the similarity in names. The ECS is responsible for regulating certain functions such as mood, pain, aggression, anxiety, and inflammation. Therefore, when your furry companion consumes CBD oil, he is boosting his endocannabinoid system.

cannabis oil bottles and leaves

Will CBD oil get my cat high?

The most troubling question that pet owners face is whether their cats would get high from CBD oil. Well, the answer is no. There are still a few misconceptions about the cannabis plant in general.

To start us off, there are a variety of strains encompassed in the cannabis plant. Some of the strains make up marijuana, and some the hemp plant. In as much as the two are similar, there are significant differences that should be recognized.

Generally, the cannabis plant contains both THC and CBD. Plants that contain less than 0.3% THC are known as hemp. Hemp products are legal in all 50 states of the USA.

Marijuana, on the other hand, is famous for its psychoactive properties (THC) and is mostly preferred for recreational purposes. However, this does not imply that the users do not benefit from the array of benefits associated with the plant.

When we talk about CBD for your pets, we refer to products obtained from the hemp plant. This is because hemp has low amounts of THC, which is not enough to be psychoactive to your feline friend. Another benefit includes the presence of beneficial cannabinoids which are not present in marijuana-derived CBD. All in all, hemp derived CBD oil will not get your cat high.

CBD hemp oil benefits

Now that you are aware of how CBD oil works, we will share how it can work help your four-legged friend.

There are numerous conditions that CBD can help cure in cats besides improving their immune system. Among the conditions are loss of appetite, stress, anxiety, aggression, lack of energy, and inflammation.

We will expound on the top three benefits of CBD oil.

  1. Reducing pain and inflammation

Since inflammation is the leading cause for pain, CBD works by first decreasing inflammation. CBD in this case, inhibits adenosine, a neurotransmitter that helps receptors to regulate inflammation.

By also interacting with opioid and dopamine receptors, CBD regulates pressure and pain in cats.

Many pet owners report that their cats return to their normal state upon using CBD.

A lot of CBD fanatics have been reading www.cbdoilcanadahq.ca looking for ways to get higher-quality CBD products.

  1. Prevention of seizures and epilepsy

Seizures and epilepsy are caused when neurons fail to work in the brain. Pets can suffer from these conditions due to head injury, anemia, electrolyte deficiency, kidney failure, brain cancer among other problems. Studies have revealed that CBD can interact with neurons in the brain to control the frequency of seizures by reducing convulsions.

  1. Curbing anxiety

Cats can also suffer from behavioral anxiety including separation anxiety, phobias and trauma. CBD can help in calming them down since it has an antidepressant effect, which helps improve their moods.

If you want to use CBD to get calmer, check out the guide about this at cbdoilcanadahq.ca/cbd-oil-products-for-anxiety/.

cbd tincture dropper

Side effects of CBD

CBD derived from hemp plants has been proved to be harmless to cats. Since it is naturally obtained, the side effects are mild if any. Instances when you administer the wrong dosage, however, will lead to your furry companion feeling a bit drowsy. In rare cases, reports of vomiting, and dehydration may occur.

As previously stated, do not attempt to give your cat marijuana CBD oil products as it will make it extremely uneasy. Marijuana products will make your pet feel worse due to the psychoactive effect of THC.

It is advisable to seek consultation from your veterinary doctor who will guide you on the best way to medicate your cat.

Wrap Up

Acquiring a cat means that you have to look after its general well-being. Ensuring that you provide the best healthcare to your pet, should be your top priority. You have to be mindful of your pet’s diet plan, and when complications arise, it can be a chore.

Seeking medication and information from medics can be quite a challenge, as there are differing opinions regarding the best cat medications. The effects of different pharmaceutical drugs can be a nightmare to a pet parent.

Luckily, the presence of CBD oil seeks to counter this fear. The numerous benefits associated with the natural substance obtained from the hemp plant is the answered prayer to many pet owners. CBD is currently taking over the role of prescription drugs.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil Comes To New Zealand

Even though CBD oil (also called Cannabidiol) may look similar to full-spectrum cannabis-based oil, there are numerous things that differentiate the two. They range from the production process to their legality, as well as their effects on the user’s body. It can be quite tricky to know all the developments in the rapidly evolving cannabis field, even in states where it’s legal. It can be potentially harmful to people to think that they can treat serious ailments using regular cannabis-based products.

To offer more effectiveness, most Cannabidiol products available on the market today are blended with naturally grown hempseeds. CBD isn’t psychoactive and can’t, therefore, make you feel high or intoxicated. It does have powerful relaxing as well as anti-anxiety properties. Unlike full spectrum cannabis oil, CBD oil contains only Cannabidiol as the primary ingredient.

Full spectrum New Zealand cannabis oil: What it contains

Full spectrum cannabis-based oil (commonly abbreviated as FSO), consists of all the cannabinoids and terpenes available on the cannabis plants. And these are the constituents that are believed to possess great medicinal properties, most of which are currently being studied and explored. Besides, FSO comprises the flavonoids plus other chemical compounds that give cannabis plants their unique flavor properties.


What makes FSO different from other CBD oil extracts is that its constituents are carefully selected and included during the infiltration process. Nothing is lost.

Full Spectrum Oil and CBD Oil Legality

The legality of both Cannabidiol and full-spectrum cannabis oil is still being debated in various states and countries across the globe. CBD has been made legal in most areas of the United States where cannabis itself is lawfully accepted. In the United Kingdom and Europe, CBD-based products are available as food supplements and are legal. Nonetheless, it’s important to know that they can’t be sold in any other form other than food supplements and must be approved by medicinal authorities. What this means is that CBD is considered as a medicine and should be prescribed or sold as a medicine.

Since FSO contains THC, it’s illegal in all places where cannabis is considered illegal. It should be noted that the process of production is also illegal since it involves the use of numerous cannabis plants in New Zealand.

Medicinal Uses of CBD Oil and Full Spectrum Oil

Despite its evident therapeutic properties, CBD isn’t yet approved as a medicinal product in Europe. Both anecdotal plus scientific evidence shows that Cannabidiol can help treat an extensive range of diseases, including depression, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, arthritis, multiple sclerosis (MS), post-traumatic stress disorder, and diabetes. Just like CBD oil, full spectrum cannabis-based oil is also being investigated further, and also shows great potential as a treatment for a plethora of health conditions.

Current research shows that FSO successfully concentrates the powerful effects of naturally grown, organic cannabis. So, everything that’s treatable with herbal cannabis can as well be treated more defectively with full spectrum cannabis oil (FSO).

As stated above, the main feature that really differentiates FSO from CBD oil (Cannabidiol) is that it’s made up of all the bioactive chemical compounds of the cannabis plant, so that the complete range of entourage effects isn’t lost, but concentrated (especially in New Zealand versions).

That’s why it’s particularly effective for children because it is much easier to administer oils that cannabis buds in NZ. Plus, the required dosage can be more accurately calibrated.

CBD Products: Understanding How They Are Made

All CBD-based products start with CBD oil and complete oversight as well as quality control measures are observed during every step of the manufacturing process. CBD oil products are usually extracted using supercritical CO2 (carbon dioxide) rather than solvents.

CBD Oil Production In Auckland

Full spectrum cannabis-based oil (FSO) is also created without the utilization of solvents by New Zealanders. Since all forms of cannabis oil aren’t yet classified as regulated products, it’s difficult to determine the standard manufacturing process for them. You’ll find other methods using very strong alcohol or even butane. Alcohol was used for the olden cannabis oil versions but has since been abandoned.

A great Auckland CBD information page can be found at http://www.trycbdoil.co.nz/auckland/ where they cover all aspects of the product and where you can get it in the town.

The most sophisticated techniques are designed to retain all the over 500 bioactive compounds found in the cannabis plant, and not just the cannabinoids. However, the equipment required to achieve this are still very scarce. Unfortunately, FSO isn’t something that can be created in a domestic kitchen.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil: The Benefits

Of course, CBD oil comes with lots of advantages, especially for the human health.  However, full spectrum based VBD oil offers an array of benefits that make the product unique and treasured. They include:

  • Provides extra nutrients to the body: Full spectrum CBD houses an assortment of essential compounds as well as minerals—including fatty acids, fiber, protein, as well terpenes—that are necessary for the normal functioning of the body.
  • Reduces pain and inflammation: According to recent research findings, Full spectrum based CBD oil can alleviate joint pain and inflammation more effectively when compared to its CBD oil counterpart.
  • Nausea: Full spectrum is more effective than CBD oil when it comes to treating n disorders, such as anorexia and nausea. The reasoning behind this discovery is that THC IN Full spectrum help in stimulating appetite and reducing anxiety.
  • Neurological Symptoms: Full spectrum contains a certain degree of THC, which help improve the symptoms of neurological disorders Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Anxiety: THC can get you high. However, according to studies, when the right amount of it is combined with CBD can help create a counteractive reaction. This will help reduce the signs and symptoms of PTSD in addition to other anxiety-related disorders.

The Bottom-line

CBD oil or full spectrum effects are dependent on the brand, the dosage administered, as well as the extraction process used. Therefore, if you want to achieve a certain level of effect, it is important to understand the extraction process used and the dosage you require. Moreover, you should carry out due diligence when choosing your brand. Go for a brand that uses high-quality process, has put in place advanced quality control measures, and displays third party lab reports.

Purekana CBD Oil Review – A Customer’s Dream

Nobody enjoys living with pain. Whether you’ve muscle spasms, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, or chronic pain finding an effective way to treat your condition can make a great difference in your life.

Over time, Cannabidiol (commonly referred to as CBD oil) has become a popular treatment option for pain management. Even doctors are now advocating for its use, as opposed to traditional pain relievers. The best thing about this product is that it doesn’t make people feel “high” like other cannabinoids do. That’s why CBD has been widely accepted in most states. However, other locations haven’t approved its use as a regulated drug yet.


Who Is PureKana?

Purekana is a renowned California based company, which specializes in the production of quality CBD oil products in the United States and globally. One of the greatest advantages of this company is their formula. They have created non-GMO Cannabidiol products, which contain no pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, or solvents. Plus, all their products are tested by a third-party to ensure that the CBD hemp oil is entirely safe and legal.

Purekana Line of products

Purekana offers an extensive range of products, including:

  • CBD oil: Purekana’s Cannabidiol is obtainable as mints, natural flavors, and vanilla in three different potencies: 300 milligrams, 600 milligrams, and 1000 milligrams. You’re supposed to take about 15 to 20 drops of the cannabis oil.
  • CBD capsules: For those who don’t like CBD oil, they can try Purekana’s CBD capsules. This range contains 30 x 25 milligrams (mg) CBD capsules per bottle. Remember, each bottle contains only little amounts of THC (often less than 0.03 percent).
  • Topicals: PureKana’s CBD oil topical ointments are uniquely created to provide significant relief for various health conditions. Simply rub it on the affected areas of your skin and allow it to work its magic. Each tub consists of 600 milligrams of CBD.
  • CBD gummies: Each bottle contains 20 gummies, with each gummy weighing 25 mg. That means a whole bottle contains 500mg of CBD oil.


CBD Oil for Relieving Pain

CBD oil is being used worldwide for treating various medical problems including pain relief. According to several studies, researchers have established that Cannabidiol can significantly help in alleviating pain. Most people have now started using it as a great alternative to opioids.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is now used globally for a variety of medical conditions including pain relief. Based on a number of studies, researchers have found the CBD oil can have significant impacts on pain management. People have started to use it as an alternative to opioids. However, you should note that Cannabidiol hasn’t yet been approved by the United States FDA for medical problems. So, before using this product, consult with your doctor first.

Even without FDA’s approval, CBD oil has been receiving a lot of attention from top news networks who’ve all applauded its achievements.

CBD Oil: The Benefits

Aside from being highly effective, Cannabidiol drops are extremely easy to consume. You simply put a few drops below your tongue and they’re quickly absorbed into your bloodstream. Check the provided label for dosage information. It’s very important to read the label before taking CBD.

There are several pain-related conditions that can be treated with CBD oil. These may include depression, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, and multiple sclerosis. Most importantly, people suffering from chronic pain have argued that consuming Cannabidiol has helped them relax and sleep better. Though its effects may vary from one person to another, it’s still undisputable that cannabis oil has improved most people’s lives.

When you Need CBD oil for Pain

People ask if there’s a specific test they can take to determine if they need Cannabidiol. And the answer to this is no. It’s also important to remember that cannabis isn’t regulated by the U.S FDA. So, you cannot just walk into your doctor’s office and expect to get a prescription. This means that you’ll have to make your own decision to switch from conventional prescription drugs to CBD oil.

If you go to https://www.cbdoilrelief.net/reviews/ you can see tons of different brands and products reviewed by top experts.

CBD oil Medical Research

Several studies have proved that CBD oil can treat numerous health conditions. Apart from treating depression, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and multiple sclerosis (MS), this cannabis-based product can also help treat cancer as well as epileptic seizures.

A study conducted in 2011 that focused on the treatment of fibromyalgia with CBD, for instance, showed promising results. 56 out of the 112 participants who consumed CBD experienced a great reduction in their pain-related symptoms, while those who took traditional prescription drugs barely experienced any improvement.

Pain Relief: Why CBD is becoming a popular replacement for Conventional Medicine

CBD oil products are now replacing painkillers—which pose significant potential side effects. In fact, many painkillers cause side effects, including irritability, sleep-related disruptions, as well as thoughts of suicide.

Plus, CBD is rising in popularity due to the facts that it doesn’t cause significant side effects. What’s more, these products are being seconded by WHO. According to the World Health Organization, CBD oil is safe, well tolerated, as well as “not associated with adverse health effects.
CBD oil possesses powerful properties that make it an effective pain reliever. For instance, the U.S. Government has legalized CBD oil-based product for pain management when it comes to conditions like fibromyalgia, ALS, plus multiple sclerosis.

What’s more, according to WHO, CBD oil is an effective treatment option for epilepsy and a number of other medical conditions.

CBD Oil: Potential Side effects

CBD oil comes with minimal side effects. They include:

  • Dry mouth: However, you can counteract this side effect by drinking a lot of clean water
  • Drowsiness and low blood pressure: These side effects only occur when you take CBD oil products in high doses over an extended period of time.
  • Lightheadedness

The best part: These side effects don’t have to distress you. All you need to do is to follow the doctor’s instructions as far as dosage is concerned and you’ll be good to go. Plus, make sure to conduct extensive research before taking any CBD oil product offered on the market.


The CBD Hemp Oil Challenge

In the last few years, CBD oil (also called Cannabidiol) has attracted a lot of attention–especially in the medical field. The CBD oil comes with lots of health benefits to both human and dogs. Hemp-based CBD oil offers an extensive range of health benefits, including soothing anxiety, relieving pain, preventing inflammatory arthritis, treating cancer, relieving pain, balancing the body’s metabolism, improving mood, healing the skin, as well as treating depression.

However, it may sometimes cause mild side effects like dry mouth, slowed motor function, fatigue, and lightheadedness. The consumption of cannabis oil is recommended for those who reside in a country or state where its possession and use is legal.

What is CBD Hemp Oil?

CBD hemp oil refers to a medical product that’s derived from hemp plants. It’s highly rich in CBD and contains low levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Over the past few years, this product has received massive attention due to the rapidly escalating wave of marijuana legislation in most countries, including the U.S. While the use of cannabis and marijuana smoking is still illegal in most places, it’s becoming increasingly popular due to its safety and effectiveness in treating numerous health conditions. Because it contains liberal amounts of the psychoactive compound THC, consuming CBD oil doesn’t make people feel high or intoxicated.

There are over 80 cannabinoids available in cannabis plants, with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) being the major one, followed by Cannabidiol (CBD). Nonetheless, in hemp plants, which are different strains of the marijuana plant, CBD is the primary active component, and THC is rarely present, making its consumption and legality more prevalent.

CBD’s ability to impact on the endogenous cannabinoid system of the human body makes it a highly effective treatment option. The body’s cannabinoid system contains numerous cannabinoid receptors spread throughout the brain as well as the central nervous system. When CBD oil is consumed, it reacts with these naturally occurring cannabinoid receptors boosting the body’s functions and helping it regulate itself in a better way.

CBD hemp oil doesn’t only contain high amounts of CBD, but it also consists of essential vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, as well as volatile acids that’ll further supplement the user’s health.

Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD oil is quickly becoming a popular treatment option for people suffering from both serious conditions and mild ones, including:

  • Chronic pain
  • Inflammation
  • Arthritis, Sleep disorders, as well as insomnia
  • Anxiety-related disorders and stress
  • Depression and skin disorders
  • Poor appetite
  • Inefficient metabolic function
  • Weakened immune system and cancer

CBD Hemp oil can prevent the Alzheimer’s disease

According to recent studies, using Cannabidiol (CBD) can decrease the occurrence as well as the severity of neurodegenerative-related diseases like Alzheimer’s plus Huntington’s disease. Given the challenges surrounding finding an effective solution to these conditions, this breakthrough looks set to give many patients great hope.


CBD Oil for Treating Epilepsy and Seizures

America’s main problem concerning marijuana-based products is that they get people high. Well, that is changing now—thanks to its legalization plus attitude change. But, the best part is that manufacturers and users alike now understand marijuana parts that are psychoactive in nature. CBD (an abbreviation for Cannabidiol), a compound in marijuana, doesn’t cause the “high effect”—it only comes with powerful benefits for the brain.

This is why they wrote all about the helpful effects of CBD.

About Epileptic Seizures And CBD

Epilepsy, which affects the brain, is a disorder that makes you develop repeated seizures or puts you at risk of getting seizures. Affecting over 50 million people globally, 468,000 of them being kids, epilepsy is the third leading neurological condition in the USA.

Types of Seizures

The way people seize is different. Plus, there are more than 40 ways one can seize. But the most common ones include:

• Frontal seizures
• Focal seizures
• Partial seizures
• Tonic seizures
Epilepsy Signs and Symptoms
Common signs and symptom of epileptic seizures include:
• Feeling unconscious
• A staring spell
• Uncontainable jerking arm and leg movements
• Psychic symptoms like fear and anxiety

Signs and symptoms of epilepsy vary and are dependent on the kind of seizure one is suffering from. Generally, a person suffering from epilepsy is likely to experience a similar type of seizure from time to time. Thus, each episode will exude similar symptoms.

You can go to https://www.cbdoilcanadahq.ca/ if you want more info.

Cannabis Oil for Treating Seizures

Medical cannabis has anticonvulsant properties and houses 85 different chemical compounds known as cannabinoids—the most common one being tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol. The latter comes with powerful convulsant-relaed properties.

A Neutral Treatment

With increasing frequency epileptic-related cases, people are now turning to Cannabidiol (CBD) oil as a natural treatment for epilepsy. This is particularly true among those who’ve aggressive/chronic forms of the disorder, like the Dravet syndrome, which may cause several episodes of seizures a day. Major scientific organizations have carried out successful research on the management of epilepsy & seizures using CBD oil as well as other CBD-based products, and the outcomes are a definite success. Using this type of treatment can reduce the number of seizures associated with this condition, helping patients lead a better quality of life.

According to recent studies, it has now been established that CBD oil is highly effective in treating epilepsy symptoms and reducing the frequency of seizures. It hasn’t been long since the interest in CBD as a potential natural remedy for epilepsy and other neurological disorders began to build up. With positive results being realized, Cannabidiol oil is destined to deliver cutting-edge medical results in the near future.

The Main Reason For Using CBD Oil

The main reasons why Cannabidiol is being considered as a potential treatment for epilepsy, include its affordability, the biocompatibility and the fact that it doesn’t cause any serious side effects. As long as it passes all medical trials & becomes a part of the approved treatments of epilepsy, CBD oil is destined to be remarkably promising in terms of minimizing seizures and curing epilepsy at a more affordable cost.

What the Law Says

Recent legislation in certain states like Virginia is an incredible sign that medical experts are changing their perception about the utilization of CBD oil for treating epilepsy and several other medical conditions. However, before taking CBD oil for any serious condition, make sure to seek medical consultation from your doctor.

How CBD-Based Products Stop Seizures

CBD oil does have a lot to offer in the treatment & curing of epilepsy, seizures, as well as other related neurological disorders. Whilst research is still ongoing, considering the amazing results that CBD oil has been giving in the lab experiments against epilepsy and seizures, it won’t be a mistaken judgment to conclude that with time CBD is going to be a standard treatment for the ailment.

About 50 million people across the globe live with epilepsy, a devastating neurological disorder which involves recurring seizures. This condition makes it extremely difficult for patients to perform their daily tasks such as preparing food, maintaining a job/career, caring for children, and driving. In severe cases, a person may develop anxiety or depression in expectancy of the next seizure episode.

diamond cbd oil

Epileptic seizures are usually caused by infrequent electrical discharges among the brain cells, which causes convulsions, loss of consciousness, as well as impaired senses. The disorder itself might occur as a result of viruses, head injuries, or hormonal imbalance. But it’s often said that the exact cause of epilepsy isn’t known.

CBD products target different parts of the brain—including the calcium ion channels and glutamate receptor antagonists in addition to sodium ion channels. Other parts that are targeted by CBD products include the GATA system as well as receptor agonists. Anticonvulsants present in CBDs affect the neurotransmitters that are responsible for relaying movement-related messages. This help switch ion flow in & out of the brain neurons, thus altering cell activity.

Potential Side Effects Of CBD

Traditionally, people with epilepsy are treated with anticonvulsant medications, such as valproic acid, clonazepam, phenytoin, ethosuximide, primidone, and phenobarbital. However, these anticonvulsants are often quite ineffective and cause several negative side effects. It’s because of these shortcomings that most patients have switched to CBD oil as an alternative solution to normal pharmaceutical therapies that have failed or brought them too much suffering. Some of these side effects may include headaches, depression, nausea, slurred speech, impotence, mood swings, liver failure, double vision, and unintentional weight gain. About 30 percent of epileptic patients are against the use of anticonvulsant drugs, making CBD oil a better treatment option for seizures and epilepsy.

Why CBD Is A Landmark

The success of Cannabidiol-based drugs is an absolute landmark in the medical marijuana sector. Plus, most US states have passed explicit laws that legalize the use of marijuana for medical purposes, including treating epilepsy in both humans and pets. Patients, especially those whose bodies don’t respond to traditional medicines, can now count on CBD oil to treat their epileptic seizures. But, before rushing into using CBD-based products for your epileptic seizures, do your research. And, most importantly, consult a pediatrician for prescriptions.

2018 Space Elevator Conference Press Releases

2018 Space Elevator Conference Press Releases


Post-Conference Press Release Available for Download

August 2, 2018–Redmond

Please feel free to download and disseminate the final press release (PDF format) for the 2011 Space Elevator Conference.  See you next year!


NASA $2M Prize Competition to Stream Live This Friday

August 10, 2018–Redmond

Plan to watch live and online this year’s NASA Centennial Challenge – Strong Tether Competition, where a winner, if their tether is strong enough, could win the $2 million dollar prize. Event is scheduled for 4 PM (PDT) this Friday and will be available here (quick URL is: http://ustre.am/mr2f).


Press Release Available for Download

August 2, 2018–Redmond

Please feel free to download and disseminate the latest press release (PDF format).


Space Elevator and Conference Coverage in RedmondReporter.COM

August 2, 2018–Redmond

Check out the coverage of our press release in the online version of the Redmond Reporter.


Space Elevator and Conference Coverage on the New Day Northwest show on Seattle’s King 5

July 18, 2018–Seattle

David Horn and Maurice Franklin joined Margaret Larson to talk more about the conference, the space elevator, and give a demonstration of the tether strength machine.  Check out the segment on King5.com.


2018 Space Elevator Conference to Host Exciting Family Science Fest

July 6, 2018–Redmond

New this year the Space Elevator Conference will host a free Family Science Fest, on Saturday, August 13, 2018, from 1 PM to 5 PM, also at the Microsoft Conference Center in Redmond.  A highlight of the day will be RoboQuest, with family and youth focused events including:

  • A robotics competition with robots taking satellites up an elevator ribbon
  • Exhibits from the Pacific Science Center on engineering, space exploration and nanotechnology
  • The Museum of Flight’s “Robot Garage” where you can test your rover building skills
  • LEGO Build Zone where kids of all ages can build futuristic spacecraft using just their imagination
  • Robot demonstrations by area robotics team
  • A life-size, working replica of R2-D2
  • And more


And for those interested in learning more about the Space Elevator but unable to attend the 3-day Technical Program, we’ll also have two SE 101 sessions during the Family Science Fest.  In these one-hour sessions, followed by Q&A, you’ll gain insight into the opportunities and challenges of building a Space Elevator.  The first session on Saturday will start at 1:30, the second at 3:30.  Also, on the preceding Thursday, August 11, there will be an SE 101 session from 7 PM to 8 PM at the same location.


More details on the Family Science Fest web page.



Groundbreaking Nanotechnology Researchers to Present at 2018 Space Elevator Conference

June 18, 2018–Redmond

The Space Elevator Conference is pleased to announce the that leading edge nanotechnology researchers will be presenting at this year’s conference:

  • Dr. Boris I. Yakobson
    • Presentation title: A few answers to Rajasinghe: Carbon bonds, limits of growth, bounds of strength…
    • Position: Karl F. Hasselmann Chair of Engineering, Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science and Professor of Chemistry, Rice University
  • Dr. Vesselin Shanov
    • Presentation title: Recent Progress in Synthesis, Processing, and Application Of Carbon Nanotube Materials
    • Position: Associate Professor at the School of Energy, Environmental, Biological and Medical Engineering, University of Cincinnati
  • Dr. Vasilii Artyukhov
    • Presentation title: Making and breaking graphitic nanocarbon: insights from computer simulations
    • Position: Postdoctoral Research Associate at Rice University

Drs. Yakobson, Shanov and Artyukhov will be presenting these papers during the Friday, August 12 Tethers Session.



Space Elevator Coverage in July 2018 Issue of National Geographic Magazine

June 15, 2018–Redmond

The Space Elevator Conference is proud to have provided assistance to National Geographic Magazine for their Next column in the July 2011 issue of National Geographic, with the topic of “Space Elevator“. The printed issue will be on newsstands soon.



2018 Space Elevator Conference Announcement and Call for Papers

February 28, 2018–Redmond

The Space Elevator Conference organizing committee has announced the 2018 Space Elevator Conference.  The conference will be held August 12th through August 14th, 2011, at the Microsoft Conference Center, Redmond, Washington.  The committee is also making a Call for Papers to be presented at the conference.


Please feel free to download a copy of the announcement and call for papers for disseminating and posting as you would like:

  • 2018 SE Conf Announce and Call for Papers.doc



Contact information regarding these press releases, press passes and all other issues regarding the conference can be found on the Contacts Page.