Full Spectrum CBD Oil Comes To New Zealand

Even though CBD oil (also called Cannabidiol) may look similar to full-spectrum cannabis-based oil, there are numerous things that differentiate the two. They range from the production process to their legality, as well as their effects on the user’s body. It can be quite tricky to know all the developments in the rapidly evolving cannabis field, even in states where it’s legal. It can be potentially harmful to people to think that they can treat serious ailments using regular cannabis-based products.

To offer more effectiveness, most Cannabidiol products available on the market today are blended with naturally grown hempseeds. CBD isn’t psychoactive and can’t, therefore, make you feel high or intoxicated. It does have powerful relaxing as well as anti-anxiety properties. Unlike full spectrum cannabis oil, CBD oil contains only Cannabidiol as the primary ingredient.

Full spectrum New Zealand cannabis oil: What it contains

Full spectrum cannabis-based oil (commonly abbreviated as FSO), consists of all the cannabinoids and terpenes available on the cannabis plants. And these are the constituents that are believed to possess great medicinal properties, most of which are currently being studied and explored. Besides, FSO comprises the flavonoids plus other chemical compounds that give cannabis plants their unique flavor properties.


What makes FSO different from other CBD oil extracts is that its constituents are carefully selected and included during the infiltration process. Nothing is lost.

Full Spectrum Oil and CBD Oil Legality

The legality of both Cannabidiol and full-spectrum cannabis oil is still being debated in various states and countries across the globe. CBD has been made legal in most areas of the United States where cannabis itself is lawfully accepted. In the United Kingdom and Europe, CBD-based products are available as food supplements and are legal. Nonetheless, it’s important to know that they can’t be sold in any other form other than food supplements and must be approved by medicinal authorities. What this means is that CBD is considered as a medicine and should be prescribed or sold as a medicine.

Since FSO contains THC, it’s illegal in all places where cannabis is considered illegal. It should be noted that the process of production is also illegal since it involves the use of numerous cannabis plants in New Zealand.

Medicinal Uses of CBD Oil and Full Spectrum Oil

Despite its evident therapeutic properties, CBD isn’t yet approved as a medicinal product in Europe. Both anecdotal plus scientific evidence shows that Cannabidiol can help treat an extensive range of diseases, including depression, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, arthritis, multiple sclerosis (MS), post-traumatic stress disorder, and diabetes. Just like CBD oil, full spectrum cannabis-based oil is also being investigated further, and also shows great potential as a treatment for a plethora of health conditions.

Current research shows that FSO successfully concentrates the powerful effects of naturally grown, organic cannabis. So, everything that’s treatable with herbal cannabis can as well be treated more defectively with full spectrum cannabis oil (FSO).

As stated above, the main feature that really differentiates FSO from CBD oil (Cannabidiol) is that it’s made up of all the bioactive chemical compounds of the cannabis plant, so that the complete range of entourage effects isn’t lost, but concentrated (especially in New Zealand versions).

That’s why it’s particularly effective for children because it is much easier to administer oils that cannabis buds in NZ. Plus, the required dosage can be more accurately calibrated.

CBD Products: Understanding How They Are Made

All CBD-based products start with CBD oil and complete oversight as well as quality control measures are observed during every step of the manufacturing process. CBD oil products are usually extracted using supercritical CO2 (carbon dioxide) rather than solvents.

CBD Oil Production In Auckland

Full spectrum cannabis-based oil (FSO) is also created without the utilization of solvents by New Zealanders. Since all forms of cannabis oil aren’t yet classified as regulated products, it’s difficult to determine the standard manufacturing process for them. You’ll find other methods using very strong alcohol or even butane. Alcohol was used for the olden cannabis oil versions but has since been abandoned.

A great Auckland CBD information page can be found at http://www.trycbdoil.co.nz/auckland/ where they cover all aspects of the product and where you can get it in the town.

The most sophisticated techniques are designed to retain all the over 500 bioactive compounds found in the cannabis plant, and not just the cannabinoids. However, the equipment required to achieve this are still very scarce. Unfortunately, FSO isn’t something that can be created in a domestic kitchen.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil: The Benefits

Of course, CBD oil comes with lots of advantages, especially for the human health.  However, full spectrum based VBD oil offers an array of benefits that make the product unique and treasured. They include:

  • Provides extra nutrients to the body: Full spectrum CBD houses an assortment of essential compounds as well as minerals—including fatty acids, fiber, protein, as well terpenes—that are necessary for the normal functioning of the body.
  • Reduces pain and inflammation: According to recent research findings, Full spectrum based CBD oil can alleviate joint pain and inflammation more effectively when compared to its CBD oil counterpart.
  • Nausea: Full spectrum is more effective than CBD oil when it comes to treating n disorders, such as anorexia and nausea. The reasoning behind this discovery is that THC IN Full spectrum help in stimulating appetite and reducing anxiety.
  • Neurological Symptoms: Full spectrum contains a certain degree of THC, which help improve the symptoms of neurological disorders Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Anxiety: THC can get you high. However, according to studies, when the right amount of it is combined with CBD can help create a counteractive reaction. This will help reduce the signs and symptoms of PTSD in addition to other anxiety-related disorders.

The Bottom-line

CBD oil or full spectrum effects are dependent on the brand, the dosage administered, as well as the extraction process used. Therefore, if you want to achieve a certain level of effect, it is important to understand the extraction process used and the dosage you require. Moreover, you should carry out due diligence when choosing your brand. Go for a brand that uses high-quality process, has put in place advanced quality control measures, and displays third party lab reports.